A wellness mobile application developed by SiviSoft for Covid-19 pandemic. It assists the authorities to monitor, auto-track, alert & notify the right people at the right time.
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SiviSoft's Covid-19 Initiative 
A small contribution to help the world conquer Covid-19. 
SDxContact Wellness Mobile App
SiviSoft's ServiceDx technology has built SDxContact Mobile App to help control the spread of COVID-19 and aid in risk and incident management at organizations.
Contact Tracing
  • Lists the people you've come in contact with recently. 
  • Auto tracing the listed contacts.
  • Bird's eye view of the contact list.
SDxContact Real-time Dashboard


  • Conditions based notifications with escalations & acknowledgement​​.

  • Mobile App with Real-time  Reporting, Monitoring.

  • Dashboard with data in your palm

Facial Recognition With Temperature Scanning
  • Better hygiene with touchless facial/temperature detection
  • Integration with thermal/ facial recognition devices
  • Captured data, monitored through SDxContact wellness screen
  • Enforcing social distancing with BLE Beacon technology based solution
  • Social distancing violation alerted through buzzer individually
  • Alerts can also be sent to an authorized person to monitor social distancing violations
BLE Beacon Technology Based Solution
SDxContact Port Monitoring Solution
SDxB2B Platform

The overwhelming impact of Covid-19 Pandemic is being felt by all businesses around the world. A lot of businesses have already been forced to make difficult decisions in this situation. 

SiviSoft has created a B2B online portal and mobile app that bridges the requesters (customers) and suppliers to enable business opportunities.

Be it any product or service, our B2B platform helps you find and get connected with your customers or requesters online at your own convenience. 

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SiviSoft COVID-19 Emergency Supply Sourcing & Manufacturing bridges the gap between demand and supply requirements of healthcare centres and suppliers.

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Connecting farmers directly with suppliers and consumers is now easy.
We connect volunteers directly with manufacturers and suppliers to fulfil their requirements.
Our Story

At SiviSoft, we believe in thinking BEYOND. As the world is finding ways to navigate through this pandemic, we've leveraged our very own ServiceDx to develop SDxContact.

Our Vision

SDxContact mobile app is

a small contribution by SiviSoft to help businesses & communities thrive and survive the Covid-19 crisis. 


SiviSoft's ServiceDx technology has built this mobile app to help control the spread of Covid-19 and aid in healthcare management.

Download SDxContact now  and get a 30 day free trial! 

With trial version you can add upto 25 accounts and get a free access to all features of the app! After 30 days, upgrade to premium at minimal cost and enjoy unlimited access to all the features!  


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